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Our Team


In order to be successful, you must have a team that is focused on the same goals in mind. Investors Choice Realty understands this principle, and has formed partnerships with some of the best marketing and construction companies in the Michigan area. Please find below the main components of our team.  Together we are able to form a company that stands out above the rest and give our clients what they truly deserve.

Power Of 3 Network

The Power of 3 Network, LLC is a Michigan based marketing company focused on "mobilizing your business" They provide their clients with exceptional business services and support systems. 

"We believe passionately in out of the box thinking and are constantly searching for and finding new innovative ways to achieve our clients goals." 


 Offering non-traditional thinking and staying at the forefront of technology, we are able to give our client's a brand new client experience.


Some of the solutions they provide include: 


  • Mobile Media Marketing

  • Social Media Marketing

  • General Internet Marketing

  • Mobile Device Services

  • Application Development

Forth Dynasty Enterprise

Fourth Dynasty Enterprise, LLC is a construction and development company that consist of  several entities all associated with the “built environment”. ​

With over 15 years experience in these fields, "FDE" specializes in construction management as well as real estate development. Their systems and processes  give our clients a serious advantage over the competition.​


"FDE" assists our investors in overcoming roadblocks and obstacles that often prevent transactions from being successful in this very competitive market. 


Some of the solutions they provide include: 


  • Property & Construction Management

  • Property Rehabilitation

  • Property Maintenance Services

  • Property Development

  • Property InspectionS

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